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Local Services

Cost-effective, reliable voice services that offer convenience and flexibility.
More About Local Services
  • SIP
  • Trunks
  • Basic Business Lines
  • Analog or Digital
  • Caller ID
  • Number Portability
  • Redundant Configurations

Integrated Services

Dynamic Bandwidth options for voice and data for greater productivity and flexibility.
More About Integrated Services
  • SIP, PRI, Business lines
  • Bandwidth options to fit your needs
  • MPLS
  • Long Distance packages

Long Distance

Cost Effective, reliable long distance and toll fee rates.
More About Long Distance
  • Switched (1+) or Dedicated (T1)
  • Outbound and Toll-free
  • Domestic and International
  • Account Codes
  • 6-second Increment Billing
  • Toll-free Custom Routing Features
  • One-Rate Structure (optional)

Data Networking

A single, easy-to-manage converged IP network that integrates all of your voice and data communications.
More About Data Networking
  • Private Lines
  • MPLS
  • Ethernet

Conference Calling

Voice and Web conferencing to help your company stay connected while reducing travel costs.
More About Conference Calling
  • Voice
  • Video
  • Web
  • Reservationless conference bridge

Internet / IP

Internet Bandwidth options from 1.5MB to 10GB.
More About Internet / IP
  • Broadband (Fractional T1 to Optical speeds)
  • Cable Access
  • DSL
  • Fiber
  • Wireless

Cloud Computing

Cloud options to provide cost-effective, scalable and secure access to infrastructure resources.
More About Cloud Computing
  • Hosted Voice
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Data Storage and Backup

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Support and Service

  • 24/7 Full Support
  • Implementation:
  • Technical Issues:
  • Invoicing:
  • Beyond the call of duty :
Support and Service

Due to its size, ForesTel benefits from full support and service in the form of dedicated teams from the carriers in all critical areas: sales order entry, provisioning, network engineering, technical support and installation, trouble reporting, repair, service changes and billing. Each dedicated team is composed of operational personnel, their immediate supervisors, and senior management. Efficient escalation processes have been established to accelerate problem resolution if and when needed.

Implementation and Installation

ForesTel's personnel process all customer orders and prepare them for the carriers’ implementation. We supervise this progression and keep the customer fully informed of installation dates. We will also coordinate with our client’s PBX and data vendor when necessary.

Technical Issues

Service calls are answered by ForesTel experts. Out-of-service emergency on-call support 24 hours a day 7 days a week by simply calling the on-call support 503-650-0024 We will listen to the problem and take action immediately and open a trouble ticket with the appropriate carrier. We place escalations on the ticket when appropriate and update the customer throughout the ticket process. With customer approval we contact and coordinate the site contact, carrier and PBX and/or data vendor if needed to resolve the issue. Our advantage: we speak the telecom language; we have direct access to dedicated experts in the carrier’s customer care department; we use escalation procedures to accelerate the response.


Most importantly, ForesTel presents its customers an invoice that has been verified for accuracy prior to mailing, facilitating the approval and payment process. If you have a question, there are no interminable delays: a ForesTel agent will assist you promptly.

Beyond the call of duty

At ForesTel we regularly assist our customers with technical and billing issues not related to our services. At your request, we will talk to carriers on your behalf as well as your equipment vendors. You have telecommunications question? Call ForesTel!

We at ForesTel pride ourselves on providing accessible, personalized, and expert service, which is reflected in an unsurpassed rate of subscriber retention, due to exceptional customer relationships. We are more than a telecommunications provider: We are often our customers’ telecom manager. You can conduct your business while we, at ForesTel take care of your problems.